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Research Tools


If you're looking for reliable, online research sites, remember that Google isn't always your best choice!  Instead, check out these sites from the GECDSB Virtual Library.  You can use them ANYTIME from school, but talk to your teacher or librarian to get passwords and logins if you want to work from your home computer.



Access the Knowledge Ontario Databases with a your library card!

Windsor Public Library Databases

Essex County Library Databases​ 

Or, if you choose an online source that is not from this list, check your QUICK guide - 8 easy ways to tell if a website is reliable.


Citing sources? Plagiarism?  What do they MEAN and why should YOU care?

Plagiarism happens when someone tries to pass off someone else's ideas, words or work as their own.  It is a form of CHEATING and it can happen both intentionally AND accidentally... especially if YOU don't understand it!

HERE is an easy-to-understand video by Common Craft explaining what plagiarism is.

So how do we get around it?  When you are researching projects, stories, papers and speeches, OF COURSE you will need to use other peoples' ideas and knowledge.  All you need to do is CITE YOUR SOURCE - or, tell where you got your ideas.  Give credit where credit is due. After all, when they are YOUR ideas, aren't you going to want credit?

HERE is a great website resource to help you create your Works Cited Page or Bibliography.