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Lexia Learning

Reading at Home with LEXIA

March 26, 2020

All BRPS students in Grade 2 and English Grade 1 students have access to LEXIA at home. LEXIA is a research based instructional tool that has proven itself to be very effective in supporting the development of literacy skills. 

​Here’s how Lexia Core5 Reading works:

● Your child begins Core5 at a starting point that fits his or her needs and works in online activities throughout the week. ● Online activities include direct instruction and feedback as your child learns new skills. 

● Achievement certificates will be sent to you through EDSBY. 

We hope you share in our excitement about this program! 

 Getting started is easy! 

1. To use on a computer, go to 

2. To use on an iPad, download the free Lexia Core5 Reading app from the App Store. (iPad support is limited to these devices: iPad 4+, iPad Mini 3+, iPad Air+, and iPad Pro.) 3. The first time your child uses Core5, you may need to enter the teacher email shown below. Your child can then log in with the username and password used at school and listed below. 

Teacher Email (for setup):

Username: student #

Password: lexia (all lowecase) 

 4. It is important that your child works without any help while using Core5. 

All of the work your child does at home is recorded and reported to school. 

If you have a question about your child’s username or password, please email

Thanks for helping us as we try to best support you at home!

Mrs. Hannigan & Mrs. Spitse