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Belle River District High School
Staff List


Mr. L. Ash – Principal
Mr. S. Braithwaite​ – Vice-Principal
Secretarial Staff
Ms. J. Hayes – Guidance Secretary
Ms. S. Trifon – Purchasing / Attendance Secretary
Ms. S. Wiseman – Senior Secretary


Support Staff

Ms. C. Khayat – Social Worker
Ms. K. Girardin - C.Y.W. 
Ms. J. DeSantis - Attendance Counsellor
Ms. T. Lewis – School Aid
Mrs. B. Market – D.S.W.
Mr. S. Sage - E. A. 

Teaching Staff

Art Department
Ms. T. Cirino – Department Head
Ms. A. Bissonnette
Ms. N. Papak 
Mr. N. Walstedt

Business / Cooperative Education Department
Ms. H. St. Pierre - Department Head
Mr. L. Bekich
Mr. R. Dugal 
Mr. B. Jershy 
Mr. K. Williams

English Department
Ms. A. Ramcharan - Department Head
Ms. N. Boutet
Ms. J. Heiser
Ms. M. Lewsaw
Mrs. C. Marentette
Ms. M. Wyrzykowski

Guidance Department
Ms. M. Moison - Department Head
Mr. J. Brosseau

Languages and Humanities Department
Ms. N. Patterson - Department Head
​Ms. C. Jubenville
Ms. K. Leschyna
Ms. L. Micallef
Ms. M. Taylor

Student Support
Mr. M. Balmer - GLE
Ms. T. Brooks - LST
Mr. C. Zgomba - SST

Mr. M. Obradovich

Mathematics Department
Mr. M. Smith - Department Head
Mr. D. Bracken
Mr. W. Mpesha
Ms. B. Nefiodov

Physical Education Department
Mr. G. Hlady - Department Head
Mr. G. Chudyk
Ms. M. Gaus
Ms. K. Kassian

Science Department
Mr. P. Earls​ - Department Head
Mr. A. Bially
Mr. J. Caslick
Ms. E. Oliphant
Ms. E. Recker

Skills To Enhance Personal Success (S.T.E.P.S.)
​Ms. S. Sovran​
Social Science
Mr. A. Pula - Department Head
Ms. C. Molnar
Mr. J. Little
Mr. M. Groulx

Technological Studies Department
Mr. M. Lokun - Department Head
Mr. R. Auger
Mr. R. Desnoyers
Mr. F. Graziano
Mr. R. Hutchison