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Belle River District High School
Hockey Canada Skills Academy

​Belle River District High School 

Hockey Ca​nada Skills Academy FAQ's​

What is the Hockey Canada Skills Academy (HCSA)?

The HCSA model uses the Athlete Centered Model, wherein the student-athlete is the centre of developmental attention. Each student-athlete progresses at their own individual pace and ambitions.  The outcome is to enhance a student-athlete's confidence, individual playing skills, self-esteem and opportunities in both academics and athletics.

Which course do the students take at BRDHS for HCSA?

During Semester 1, grade 9 BRDHS students will take the Healthy Active Living: Hockey Canada Skills Academy course (PAI1O ). This course meets the requirements of the Ministry of Education Curriculum Guidelines for a grade 9 Physical Education Credit. 

What will the weekly schedule look like?

The current model will include two on-ice sessions per week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) which translates to more than 30 on-ice sessions.  Off-ice days will include the Ministry of Education Healthy and Active Living Components as well as off-ice skill development components including, but not limited to, resistance training, speed and agility training, weight training and floor ball.

What will the on-ice sessions look like?

All on-ice sessions are designed with drills and skill development through Hockey Canada.  There will be a focus on enhancement of individual technical and tactical skill development and growth. 

How does transportation work for the HCSA?

Transportation TO the arena will be the responsibility of the students/parents in the program.  The on-ice sessions will run from 7:50 am until 8:50 am.  Transportation FROM the arena to the school will be by bus after each on-ice session. The bus will leave the Atlas Tube Centre at 9:15 am and students will arrive at BRDHS by 9:30 am in time for the period 2 class which begins at 9:40 am.   

What happens with their hockey equipment?

There is a designated location for equipment pickup at the Atlas Tube Centre.

What is the fee for the HCSA?

The total fee for the 2018-2019 BRDHS Hockey Canada Skills Academy is $325

The fee includes:  ice time at the Atlas Tube Centre, Hockey Canada licensing fees, bus transportation back to BRDHS after the on-ice sessions, guest instructor fees.

A $100 deposit is required at this time to secure the student's place in the program.  Please make a cheque payable to Belle River District High School and drop it off at the school in the Guidance office. Please include "HCSA" and the student's name on the memo line of the cheque.   

The $225 balance can be paid by cheque and must be paid in full by Thursday August 30th 2018.  Postdated cheques made payable to Belle River District High School are accepted.  Please include "HCSA" and the student's name on the memo line of the cheque.

Are there other forms to fill out?

Please complete the attached information form and return it to the BRDHS Guidance office.  All other information forms, documentation and medical information are to be completed at the start of the course. 

On behalf of Belle River District High School, we would like to thank you for your interest in the Hockey Canada S​kills Academy.  Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Mike Smith, HCSA Teacher (519-996-8800) or Mrs. Kristy Kassian, HCSA Teacher (519-819-3466) or Ms. Michelle Moison, Head of Guidance (519-728-1212 ext. 30009). 

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