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Belle River District High School
Grade 9 Students Take Artistic Approach


Belle River District High School Students Stamp Out Drugs

by Miranda M. Monahan


On Tuesday, February 14, 2017, students in an all-female grade 9 physical education class created posters with substance abuse messages.

As part of the health & substance abuse component of their course, the girls decided to create anti-substance abuse posters.  


To get other departments involved, they enlisted the help Mrs. Cirino, a BRDHS art teacher, to help guide them through the process of creating their posters. What was created were colourful and vibrant posters with messages against substance abuse.

When asked about the posters, some of the students, Madison Carric, Alyssa Marion, and Mckenna McArthur,  responded with, “we just want to get rid of drugs because they’re bad, and the harm our bodies and societies.”

The posters that the students created are now proudly displayed in the school’s library and are being admired by the student body.