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Belle River District High School
BRDHS Student Services

At the heart of BRDHS’ school guidance program is the desire to help equip students with the knowledge and skills that you will need to lead satisfying and productive lives. Our goal is to help you prepare for further education, for a satisfying career and to help you become independent, productive and responsible members of society. Whether we meet in a group setting or on a one-to one basis, the Guidance Department is here to support you throughout your high school career and to help you pursue your dreams for the future.

The guidance counselors are always willing to help you plan ahead by providing: individual counseling about courses, careers and personal matters; group presentations about careers and future education; interest and aptitude tests to help you understand yourself; printed information about jobs, colleges, universities, other opportunities, careers and further education; records of your accumulated credits, information about scholarships and financial aid for further education; guest speakers from business, college, university; and help in finding jobs; referrals to community agencies for help with particular problems.

Although our Guidance Counselors try to see every student each year with regard to future plans, you should request an interview at a time best for you rather than waiting to be contacted. Please fill out a ‘Request for Appointment Form'. All changes to student timetables must be made in consultation with the Guidance Department. Please make appointments! Course changes do not take effect until all documentation has been completed and signed.​