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Belle River District High School
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BRDHS Success @ WECSSAA Swimming

February 21, 2017

The buzzer sounds and the competitors dive gracefully into the Windsor International Aquatic Centre (WIAC) pool. Amidst the cheering of the crowd, the swimmers focus on their powerful strokes, manage their breathing and dig deep to pull ahead of the competitor in the next lane. This was the scene on Tuesday February 14th at the WIAC pool when the Belle River District High Sc​hool swim team participated in the WECSAA swim competition. 

Nobles swimming photo 2.jpg“This group of athletes is having such a great season” beams Mr. Rob Hutchison, BRDHS teacher and swim coach. “Though the students’ abilities range from novice to international competitor, the students support each other and share in each other’s’ successes.”

The team, comprised of 7 junior girls, 3 junior boys 1 senior boy and 5 senior girl swimmers, has been practicing at the WFCU Community Pool at Lakeshore’s Atlas Tube Centre 3 times per week since early October. “We have tracked our distances and each swimmer has swam a minimum of 350 kilometers. That is the distance from the team’s practice pool at the Atlas Tube Centre to the CN Tower in Toronto!” said Ms. Oliphant.

Nobles swimming photo 1.jpgThe Nobles’ hard work and dedication certainly paid off. Each student improved on their overall individual times swimming during the competition attaining their own personal best times. The Junior Girls Relay team, made up of Claire Lazarus, Sydney Oliphant, Ella Smith, Naomi Treloar and Madi Peltier has advanced to the next level of competition at SWOSSA for the 200 metre freestyle as well as the 200 metre medley events. Individual Noble qualifiers moving on to SWOSSA will be grade 9 students Naomi Treloar and Ava Reaume, grade 10 students, Claire Lazarus and Bailey Humber and grade 12 student Angela Lister. Coaches Hutchison, Oliphant and Tracey, as well as all of BRDHS wish our swimmers well for the SWOSSA competition on Thursday February 24th and OFSAA competition on Monday March 6th. In Windsor at the WIAC facility. Good luck Nobles!