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​John Campbell proudly re-opened its doors in September 2010. The renovations revitalized the beauty of the heritage building, while providing the students with modern amenities. 

John Campbell Public School History

  By the simple act of inserting a golden key in the main door and the "breaking" a Union Jack atop the steel flagstaff, Premier G. Harvard Ferguson, Minister of Education, formally opened the city's latest addition to the educational institutions - the new John Campbell Public School at Hall and Tecumseh Road, on September 14th, 1927.

  The school was named in tribute to Mr. John A. H. Campbell, who served the City of Windsor as a public school trustee for 16 years. His niece Mrs. Killen, chair of the Windsor Board of Education presented the key to the Premier.

  John Campbell was considered to the the city's 'economy school' and the finest public school building in the province. Built at a cost of $375 000, it included 17 classrooms, in addition to special kindergartens with separate entrances and a closed in playground and special rooms suitably equipped for special subjects. There was also a spacious combination gymnasium and auditorium and a smaller auditorium on the second floor for both school and community works.

  The Windsor Board introduced for the first time, the ozone recirculation air system, which would produce perfect ventilation. Another innovation was the installation of the Telechrome clock system.

  The enrolment in September 1927, was slightly more than 800 pupils.