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Growth Mindset

​Each month at John Campbell students will be learning about and focusing on a different character trait to help us improve our learning skills. For September, and throughout the year we will focus on Growth Mindset. Our goal is to help students have a positive outlook on life and their learning. One way to do this is believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself you have a better chance of succeeding in anything you try.

It is easier to believe in yourself when you are surrounded by people who are encouraging and supportive. Take a minute and think of people in your life that encourage you and that you have helped to encourage.

Some questions to think about: Do you believe people can get smarter? Do you believe you can get better at something? With a growth mindset, you beleive that through hard work and effort you can train your brain to get smarter and better at a skill.

Take a look at the videos below to help give you some background knowledge on Growth-Mindset.


Build Your Confidence!

Assembly Video ~ Growth Mindset

 Shania Twain ~ Today is your day

Power of Yet with Janelle Monae

The Power of Belief ~ mindset and success with Eduardo Briceno

Yoda and Growth Mindset