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Extra Curricular
Athletic Philosophy
We believe that the principles and lessons, learned in the classroom, and at home, can be put into practice through athletics. Because the arena of competition is usually surrounded with pressure, the athlete is tested, and the true character revealed. Consequently, the opportunity for character growth readily presents itself through athletic competition. Therefore, athletics at Colchester North Public School is highly valued.
All students are encouraged to participate in interscholastic athletic teams. No student will be excluded in the selection process. Students may participate as long as they meet the requirements in their classroom (homework and tests), meet the school standards of good citizenship, positive attitude, and good practice attendance. Ability and attitude are the determining factors in making the team at the senior level.
Team play, sportsmanship, individual physical ability, motivation, and mental attitude are very important aspects of competition at this level. The team definitely plans to win, but athlete's should accept the fact that important lessons are to be learned from losing. It is recognized that not all participants play in every contest.