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Grade 6

​Canada's Interactions with the Global Community

Non-Government Organizations Based in Canada (list with links)

Non-Government Organizations Based in other Countries (list with links)​

Kids Go Global - a brief, kid-friendly collection of the most common global issues

Child Poverty - a video called Elvin and Ana Cristina: What Childhood Poverty Means in Guatemala 

Global Warming for kids from National Geographic - a video explaining the global issue of.

What Is NAFTA (student project video)

United Nations for Kids (a short animated video outlining the history of the UN and its mission)

Aids Sees No Colour video Stephen Lewis Foundation (NGO) -  (NOTE: quite graphic)

"Disappearing" video (adults leaving orphans behind because of AIDS.)

Red Cross PSA and "My Red Cross" short video

Haiti Earthquake in 2010

Emergency Health Response in Haiti by the Red Cross 

Solidarity with Haiti shows how international Red Cross societies from other countries work together to help.

The United Nations: It's Your World - a video about what the UN does (about 7 minutes long)

What is NATO   NATO's involvement in major global situations

G8 Video (explaining the who, what, where and why of the G8)

Interactive Map of CIDA-funded projects (From Canada's Foreign Affairs Website)

Global Issues - a huge collection of topics related to global issues, with resources

Global Connections: Canada's Involvement in World Organizations (outlines most key organizations, their purpose, etc.) 

Francophonie​ - from the Canadian Encyclopedia

What is Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation?​​ (APEC)

World Health Organization (WHO)​ - about us from the WHO website​

Communities in Canada, Past and Present
Immigration - an overview of the various waves from the Canadian Encyclopedia
Canadian Immigrants - links to hundreds of articles from the Canadian Encyclopedia
Mrs. Pike's Symbaloo of Links - a collection of links organized on a Symbaloo 
Collections Canada's animated introduction to communities in Canada
Historical Overview of Immigration to Canada - a series of webpages outlining the different groups and waves of immigration through Canada's history
Canada's Pioneers and Immigrants - from Canada in the Making
Pier 21 Resources - primary source documents about various immigrant groups
Immigration History: Ethnic and Cultural Groups - a whole list of the major communities that formed Canada in the past, from the Library and Archives, Canada, with a basic introduction of each, and related links in some cases.
A Scattering of Seeds mini-videos - on YouTube, featuring short videos of famous and not-so-famous immigrants that helped make Canada. Descriptions of each episode (now free on YouTube but originally offered by WhitePine), are available here.
Passages Canada Story Archive - biographies of Canadian immigrants and citizens explaining their cultural identities and background
Musical Instruments and the History of Immigrant in Canada - from the Canadian Museum of History
A Look at Notable Immigrant Athletes - featuring various time periods
Canadian Aboriginal History Timeline - outlining key events in Canadian Aboriginal history. Another version of this is found here.
Aboriginal Justice and Self-Determination Timeline - from the Manitoba Ministry of Education
Aboriginal Rights - from the University of British Columbia
French Immigrants in New France - introduction to many aspects of New France and its history from the Virtual Museum of New France
Daily Life in New France  - good material from the program A Country by Consent
British Immigrants to Canada - from the Pier 21 website
English to Canada: Ontario's English Immigrants
Canadian Immigration: Early 1900's - with a focus on immigrants from Great Britain
Ukrainian Canadians - from
Ukrainian Canadians - a history of Ukrainians in Canada from the Toronto Ukrainian Geneology Group
The Ukrainians - from Canada Alive
Early Chinese Canadians - from Collections Canada
Alberta's Chinese Canadian History - from the Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre
The Ties that Bind - from the Multicultural History Society of Ontario
Important Events in the History of the Chinese of Canada Timeline - from Multicultural Canada
Chinese Immigration video - from the CBC Digital Archives
Irish Canadian Immigration Overview - from the Irish Geneology Toolkit website
Irish Immigration - from Canada: A People's History
Irish Canadians- from the Canadian Encyclopedia
The Irish Famine - Canada in the Making
Underground Railroad Immigrants - from Canada: a People's History
Black History Canada - Timeline from 1900's on
Early Black Canadian History - from K12 Study Canada
The Mary Ann Shadd Story - from A Scattering of Seeds (Video available too)
Black Refugees in Nova Scotia - a bit of a harder read, but good details.
Prominent Black Canadians - from the past and present
Black Refugees in Nova Scotia - from the Pier 21 website
Black Canadians - from Wikipedia, but vetted and reliable
Amish Immigrants to Canada - Mennonite Historical Society of Canada
Mennonites - from the Library and Archives Canada
Amish Immigration - from the site North American Immigration
Exploring Amish Country - an introduction to Amish history and immigration
Mennonites - from the Canadian Encyclopedia
Doukhobors - from the Library and Archives Canada
Who are the Doukhobors - from Collections Canada
Doukhobors - from the Canadian Encyclopedia
Doukhobors Want Apology - article about children forced into residential schools
Doukhobor MysteryQuest - a webquest about a mysterious event in Can. Doukhobor
Doukhobor Explosion on the Kettle Valley Line - Doukhobor history timeline with more re: mysterious explosion
The United Empire Loyalists - from the History of Canada
The United Empire Loyalists - from The Canadian History Project website
Loyalists, the First Refugees - from Canada in the Making
Loyalists - from the Canadian Encyclopedia
Italian Immigrants - from the Canadian Encyclopedia
The Italian Trunk - from Pier 21, a link of primary source material (use links on the left, and explore artifacts, photographs, stories, etc.)
The Hungarian Trunk - from Pier 21, a link of primary source material (use links on the left, and explore artifacts, photographs, stories, etc.)
Hungarian Immigrants - from the Canadian Museum of History
The Netherlands Culture Trunk - Dutch history from Pier 21, a link of primary source material (use links on the left, and explore artifacts, photographs, stories, etc.)
Dutch Immigrants - from the Kids' Guide to Canadian Settlement
Dutch Immigrants - from the Canadian Encyclopedia
The story of The Magnificent Abersons - wealthy Dutch immigrants (from a Scattering of Seeds)
Community of Montreal in 1860's - a brief overview of the social groups and issues at that time in Montreal​

(most of these links have been sourced by Martha Martin​