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Grade 8

Immigration Evaluation​

Six selection factors – Federal skilled workers

Canadian Immigration Points Calculator

BBC news - Immigration points-based systems compared​

Creating Canada - 1850 - 1890
Collateral Victim of Residential Schools - an article from the National Post (2016) as a provocation for discussion to introduce topic
Teacher Resources
Canada: A People's History - website corresponding to the award-winning video series. Much of the same information from the videos is included in simpler form on the website.
Immigration History of Canada - a complex website but with some interesting provocations to start discussion (e.g. immigration statistics by country)
The Six Major Waves of Immigration - an interactive timeline of Canadian immigration
Discussion and Activities from Pier 21 - provocations or LA tie-ins
Lesson Plans and Resources for Thinking About History - The Critical Thinking Consortium offers videos with lesson plans that include primary and secondary sources
Passages Canada - a contest in 2015 but still useful intro ideas
Coming to Canada - a project by students in Toronto recounting their personal immigration stories
The History of Immigration - a quick video outlining immigration in Canada (leads directly into the second part as well)
The Racist Truth about Canadian Immigration - an article on the various times Canadians have restricted immigration to certain races, religions and cultures
For Angela - movie from the National Film Board re: racism towards Aboriginal mother and daughter to provoke discussion about inclusiveness in Canada
Mrs. Martin's Video Links for Social Studies Provocations - click here

(most of these links have been sourced by Martha Martin​