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Principal's Message

​Colchester North School is the home to over 270 students.  Our classes range in size from 17 students to 27 students. Creating a safe environment in which each child feels accepted is important to the members of the Colchester community.   We pride ourselves on knowing each student that walks in our building and supporting them.  Colchester’s success is built around Teamwork between staff, students, parents and community. Despite being a small school, Colchester offers students an abundance of choices to ensure that all of our students are successful.  Teachers strive to have all students achieve high academic pursuits, opportunities to participate in a wide range of athletic activities and take part in our high calibre drama presentations.  

Academic excellence is stressed.  All students are expected to try their best.  Children are reading and writing daily.  Beginning right from our youngest learners where we offer FULL DAY KINDERGARTEN every day in an environment that is both literacy and numeracy rich.  The Everyday Math program helps students develop a strong understanding of number concepts, patterns and algebra concepts, algorithms, problem solving skills, and geometry. The Literacy Program provides students an opportunity to read and write daily. During our instructional periods teachers provide a myriad of groupings from large to small group instruction for the purpose of targeting instructional strategies in order to address students’ needs. Academically, Colchester North's EQAO results have shown growth and improvement throughout the years. Our school has been recognized by the "The W. Garfield Weston Foundation" and "The Fraser Institute" for Improvement in Academics over a 5-year period.

We have a very successful athletic program promoting the benefits of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.  Students are encouraged to remain active through our Daily Physical Education program were students are involved in various fitness activities for a minimum of 20 minutes per day. Colchester North also provides students with an intramural program beginning in grade 3.  Our gym is lined with an array of pennants that represent the vast accomplishments of our athletic program.
Colchester North School is home to “Gesto Theatre” which was started over 19 years ago as a means of encouraging students to become involved in theatre productions.  There is an annual performance put on showcasing the students’ many acting, singing and dancing talents.  Many of these spectacular performances involve cast and crew members of over 50 students dedicated and committed to entertaining audiences of well over 200 people.

We at Colchester North pride ourselves on building a Safe and Respectful community where our students can soar to great heights.