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Climate Survey 2017

Coronation Public School – 2017

Climate Survey Action Plan


Data for the student survey conducted in the Winter of 2017 indicates:

  • 92% of our students like who they are
  • 95% of our students feel they have at least one friend at school
  • 95% feel they have at least one adult they can talk to at home or at school
  • 94% of our parents feel welcome at our school
  • 94% of our parents feel valued within the school community


The survey results demonstrate a need to review:

  • The importance of using kind words, respectful actions, and reinforcing peace within our community as verbal bullying has been reported to be the most prevalent form of bullying


As a result of the school climate survey we will:

  • Continue to use Restorative Practices to develop strategies, support the victim, and repair damaged relationships
  • Review Zones of Regulation so that students are able to verbalize their feelings in a prosocial way