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Staff List for 2020-2021

​​​​Our Mighty Oaks Staff

​​​2020 - 2021


 Ms. K. Green-Duren


 Mrs. B. Plowman


 Mrs.  S. Tessier

Duty Clerk

Mrs.  K. Collins

Early Years Teachers

Mrs. J. Pizzuto, Mrs. Ellwood
and Ms. O'Rourke 

Early Childhood Educators (ECEs)

Mrs. A. Zilio and Ms. J. Lauzon 

Grade 1

 Mrs. McKay

Grade 1

Mr. Lokum

Grade 2/3

 Mrs. S. Martin

Grade 2/3

Mrs. Aj

Grade 2/3

 Ms. Sawyer-McCallum

Grade 3/4

Mrs. Zaccagnini

Grade 4

Ms. Lalovich

Grade 5

 Mr. Vial

Grade 5

 Mr. McGregor

Grade 6

Mr. Nichols

Grade 6

Mr. Baric

Grade 6/7

Ms. Iaquinta

Grade 7/8

 Mr. Ceccacci

Grade 8

Mr. Stanton

French Teachers 

 Madame  F. Middlemore and

Madame M. Ignat (0.5)/Prep 


 Mr. Chaif

Primary Prep

​Mrs.  J. Duncan (0.5)
Mrs. Plowman (0.5)

​Virtual​Mr. Dishman
Ms. Sofos-Giamos
Mrs. Lamoure
Mr. Stewart

Our Special Education Team ​

Reaching Individual
Success and Excellence (RISE) 

Ms. Fox

Learning Support Teacher 

 Mrs. S. Laforest

School Support Staff​

 Child Youth Worker (CYW)

 Ms. K. Milling

Developmental Services Worker (DSW)​

 Mr. M. Bryer


Educational Assistants


Itinerant Hearing

Mrs. (Patty) Dworatschek,   
Ms. Karen Renaud​
Ms. Gagnon
Ms. Viselli
Mr. Carder
Ms. Derby
Ms. Meloche

Ms. Cooke

Special Education Support​​

 Ed. Coordinator

 Ms. T. Groulx

 Social Worker

 Mrs. J. Spiers


 Dr. D. Zanier


 Mrs. Polewski

Our Building
​​Maintenance Team​​​​

Custodial Staff

Mrs. J. Gaudette                         
Mr. D. Larsh 
Ms. Lowrey
Mr. Richardson

​ ​