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Dear Parents/Guardians of students in Grades 4 - 7,

As an extension of your child’s physical education program, the Cycle Smart Bicycle Safety Program will be taking place at David Suzuki Public School on June 17, 18, 19.

Cycle Smart is an educational program designed to develop practical lifelong skills through safe cycling training. The program consists of a series of lessons aimed at providing children with the necessary knowledge and skills for safe, responsible cycling and promoting physical activity.

Cycle Smart lesson plans incorporates some classroom learning and active participation using bicycles. The program is designed to be safe, fun and encouraging  for all students from beginner to advanced.

If your child has a bicycle helmet we ask that he or she bring it to school on the days the program is running. Even if your child does not have a bicycle or a helmet, they will still be able to participate in the program as we provide helmets and bicycles.

All students will use program bikes for their class time as it ensures all bikes are in proper working order.

Program Benefits
All equipment is provided including new bikes for use throughout the program.
Learn life long skills for safe cycling.
Ride our fun skill building pump track featuring - rollers, teeter-totters and weaving bike pathways
Help make your school a leader in cycling to school!

This permission form MUST be fully completed in order for your child to participate in the program.
Please return it by June 14.

Bike Windsor Essex is a registered non-profit that exists to: provide safe cycling education, affordable transportation through refurbishing donated bikes, and to teach
basic repair skills to promote cycling as a sustainable and affordable transportation alternative.

If you have any questions or concerns about the program please do not hesitate to

contact Bike Windsor Essex directly.

I, _______________________, am the parent/guardian having full legal responsibility for

decisions regarding my minor child/ward _______________________. I give permission

for their participation in the Cycle Smart cycle safety program as outlined above.

Child Date of Birth: _______________ Postal Code: ___________________________

I acknowledge that photos and video of my child’s participation in the Cycle Smart

program may be recorded for use in future promotional materials.

_______ Initials Signature: ________________________________ Date: ______________


Date of birth and postal code information is gathered as a requirement of the Jumpstart Foundation.

Funding from the Jumpstart Foundation allows us to provide the Cycle Smart program free of charge to all students in Windsor-Essex.

Please be assured that personal information will be kept strictly confidential and will not be shared with any other organizations. Information provided will be stored on a
secure online system (electronically) and once the data is entered all forms are destroyed. Jumpstart does not keep the hardcopy forms. The only people seeing this information will be Bike Windsor Essex Staff as they enter it into the JumpStart system and the Jumpstart manager who processes the information.
Data is stored for seven years on Jumpstarts internal system as per audit and legal requirements.