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100 Day of School Celebrations

100 day Ms. Fox Student Celebrations Collage.png
Student Reporter:  Hanna
The Grade 1's were celebrating the 100th Day of School.  They had to do exercises. 
They did jumping jacks, sit-ups and many more exercises. 
They had to do 100 exercises.  The students were giggling and smiling. 
The students had fun.


Alyssa photo student making 100 hats.png
Student Reporter:  Alyssa

The 100th day of school

I visited the  100th  day with 1K.  It was happening with Mrs. Aj's class.  It happened
because the teachers had an idea to celebrate the  100th  day at Dr. David Suzuki Public School. 
The grade 1K class had to do a crown that 100 day on it. They told me they loved doing the crown and coloring it.
 I could tell that they where having fun by their faces. 


100 day picture with Mrs. Helbich-Morton class.png 

Student Reporter:  Hailey
For the 100 day I was with the 2M class  at Dr David Suzuki School. They did the 100 Cups Challenge. 
The Students had to build a tower with 100 cups.   It was an exciting activity to see them doing 100
Cups challenge because they tried and tried and if it failed they  would try again . They wouldn't give up. 
The students were having lots of fun.


Students celebrating 100 day in Mrs. Aj's class.png 

Student Reporter:  Connor
The Grade 2M class were celebrating the 100th day of schhol.  The students had to "Race to 100". 
They used a 100 chart, two dice, and two counters.  The students worked as partners.  The first student
to 100 won the first round.  The students played three rounds.  They were having fun playing the game.


100 day cup building.png
Student Reporter:  Tara
The 100 Cup Challenge with the Grade 2 H-M class.   They wouldn't give up.  They tried and tried to see who had the tallest tower. 
They had fun.  It was fun watching them.  They made the tallest.  They did teamwork.  They did a great job.


110 day with Ms. Z.png
Student Reporter:  Joseph
The 100 days of school is here.  The students in the 1Z class worked on "Things they had been told 100 times". The students had brain stormed on their ideas about what were told 100 times. They shared what they said. Some said, "Pick up your LEGO", "Stop watching YouTube", and "Check your homework". Students were having fun today at school because it's 100 day.