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Welcome to Eastwood

We are very excited to be learning with and  from  your children, our students.  We are doing everything we can to update you on all the happenings at Eastwood.  Please check back regularly.  Sign up for our Eastwood Twitter Feed  and follow us @EastwoodEagles. 

We are also encouraging our Parents and students to visit our School EDSBY account for information pertaining to Eastwood and specifically your child(ren) class.. 

What is EDSBY?  

Edsby a communications platform.  Edsby benefit's our administrators, teachers and students.  We believe that better access to information about your own child will empower you to have richer and more engaging conversations at home which will ultimately assist your child academically.  Our new engagement program, Edsby pulls together up-to-the-minute information about each of your children and presents it in a clear, easy to understand and comprehensive format.  You can see their attendance and if posted their assigned homework and the specifics of what they're being taught in each class each day. You can also see school news from Edsby as well.  Edsby keeps everything safe and ​secure within the confines of our school meaning there is no opportunity for anyone from the outside world "allowed in".

We invite you to get involved!  Our goal is to make Edsby the only place you need to visit in order to keep up to date on your child’s school information and progress. Parents who have not provided their email address will be given other opportunities to provide their email address to the school at the beginning of the year. As more email address are provided invitations will be sent out at that time for parents to join Edsby.  Edsby provides each parent/guardian with their own account so we encourage you to ensure we have all email addresses. 

Edsby also has a free app for all iOS and Android smart phones and tablets. If you're using a Blackberry, Edsby works great within your browser.  The power of Edsby while using your smart device means you'll have up-to-the minute access regarding school information anywhere, anytime. 

​We welcome the opportunity to provide you with online access to information that you may use to help your children be even more successful at school!