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School Naming Committee

April 09, 2021

Building Projects Logo.jpgWith approval granted by the GECDSB Board of Trustees of the budget and design for the new school in Windsor, which will replace Eastwood and Parkview public schools, we begin the process of developing a name for this new building (as per: P-PL-01 / R-PL-01 Naming and Renaming of Board Facilities).

The Superintendent responsible, Todd Awender and the Director of Education, Erin Kelly, will bring together a committee to develop at least two suggested school names which will be taken to the Board of Trustees for final selection.

The make-up of this committee is outlined in the Regulation and requires at least two members of the Board of Trustees, the Director, one school administrator, two staff members, two school council members from each school, two student representatives, two community representatives who are public school supporters, the Superintendent of School Development and Design, the area Superintendent, and the Public Relations Officer. We are seeking creative, interested and open-minded individuals to participate. An application form is available on-line (under Board Policies and Regulations – Appendix A) or you may contact the school for further inquiry. The deadline for applications will be Friday, April 23, 2021.

Prior to the first meeting of this committee, input will be solicited from the community and research conducted to provide starting points for discussion. An on-line survey is currently posted on the Board's website to receive suggestions and comments from the community. We will also use a variety of vehicles to gather further input from students, staff and the public.