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CITATION GUIDES (also see "Writing Guides and Tools" as well as the "Research Guide" sections)

There are a number of citation systems used to document your resources. Three (3) major systems stand out of which two (2) tend to be used at EDHS... APA and MLA. The third major citation system is called Turabian or Chicago. Depending on the requirements of the project you are completing,  you will probably be required to use either APA or MLA. Some teachers will ask that you submit your work using the Turabian or Chicago method of citation. Regardless of which citation method is being used, all three guides are given below.

Click here Two Major Citation Styles Are Used at EDHS.pdf for an overall guide of subject areas and citation methods.


Below are some helpful links and guides to documenting your resources.


An automatic fill in the blank web based generator may be found at Son-of-Citation-Machine. The link may be found if you click here. Beware that some syntex adjustments may be necessary.


Another popular citation generator is BibMe. The link may be found if you click here. Beware that some syntex adjustments may be necessary.


Click here apastyle.pdf for a PDF file on APA Citation provided by the University of British Columbia.


Click here mlastyle.pdf for a PDF file on MLA Citation provided by the University of British Columbia.

Click here for a link to a good guide explaining the Turabian/Chicago citation style. This is provided by The University of Chicago. 


Purdue University offers a great online writing lab including great citation information for students and teachers alike. Click here for a link to that site.


Want to learn more about how to write an Annotated Bibliography. Click here. These Guides are provided by the Simon Fraser University Library with additional links to Concordia University, Cornell University, and Memorial University. 




Below are two tracking guides that students may use while researching and documenting work. The sheets are for APA and MLA citation styles
Click here Tracking APA.pdf for the APA Tracking Sheet
Click here Tracking MLA.pdf for the MLA Tracking Sheet



There are many online writing guides and resources available to students. This includes the topic of plagiarism. Below are several useful guides.

Click here​ for an Ultimate Student Copyright Guideline.

Click here for a link to Western Libraries guide on Plagiarism.

Click here for a link to the Harvard University guide to Using Resources.

Click here​ for additional information on Plagiarism on this EDHS webpage.