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Essex District High School
Evaluating Websites
What to look for in a reliable website when researching (real and trusted info)
1.               Author:    Who created the site?  (expertise/credentials)
2.               Bias:        Does the site contain info that is objective (not bias or one-sided, depending on topic?)
3.               Accuracy:        Is the info on the site accurate? (compare info on the site with other sites and sources)
4.               Timeliness:      Is the site current enough for your topic? (check the date as certain topic areas change more than others (example: health and medicine, business and technology)
5.               Look for sites with the following extensions like .org, .gov, .edu, .mil, .net, .com
6.               If you don’t want to evaluate a site then use the School Board’s Subscription Databases (use your student portal)
Anyone can publish on the web.
Many web resources are not verified by editors like print material.
No standards exist to make sure info on the web is accurate so it may include out-of-date or bias info, lies, distortions, myths, and stereotypes.