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Essex District High School
Plagiarism Tutorial

Check out this online tutorial on Plagiarism by clicking here !​

The EDHS Student Plagiarism form is available is you click "plagiarism_policy-edhs.pdf"


Plagarism is simple to avoid as long as you follow these simple guides. The guides are from The University of Alberta for students to use to avoid plagarism.


Click here common.pdf for the "Common Knowled​ge and Quotations" guide

Click here evaluating.pdf for the "Evaluating Internet Resources guide

Click here paraphrasing.pdf for the "Proper Paraphrasing guide

Click here research.pdf for the "Research and Writing" Tips guide

There are many online writing guides and resources available to students. This includes the topic of plagiarism. Below are several useful guides.

Click here​ for an Ultimate Student Copyright Guideline.

Click here for a link to Western Libraries guide on Plagiarism.

Click here for a link to the Harvard University guide to Using Resources.

Click here​ for additional information on Plagiarism on this EDHS webpage.​