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2014-15 Board Improvement Plan

BIPSA picture.jpgThe Greater Essex County District School Board will engage and empower students, staff, families and community partners during 2014-15 to improve student achievement. There will be a commitment to excellence and a focus on every learner, every day.

In its annual Board Improvement Plan for Student Achievement (BIPSA) we outline our priorities, theories of action and strategies to increase opportunities for students, expand the capacity of staff and to build strong relationships that support our goals.

A variety of methods were used to gather information that formed the basis for this year's plan including focus groups, interviews, surveys and the data from provincial testing.

The BIPSA document has been posted on the website under Board - Administrative Reports.​



The future looks bright for the Essex District High School golf program but there is one key ingredient missing this year.

Waiting to tee up at the WECSSAA tournament in Kingsville on Wednesday, the Red Raiders team consisted of three boys but no girls.

β€œIt is the first time in a while we haven’t had girls. We’ve had girls go to SWOSSAA the past few years and one go to OFSAA,” said Essex coach Al Moore.

Graduates Heather MacKenzie and Sara Holland put up some great scores and MacKenzie excelled for St. Clair College where she is now an assistant coach.

For now the trio of Austen Friesen (Grade 9), Brett Harrison (Grade 10) and Adam Amicarelli (Grade 11) are carrying the red-white-and-black banner.

β€œWe came out after school and played, we had tryouts. We went out four times and usually these kids play all summer,” said Moore.

Harrison was making his second appearance at WECSSAA after shooting an 83 a year ago that gave him a berth at SWOSSAA.

Wednesday morning he teed off in Kingsville and ended up shooting an impressive 78, which qualified him for SWOSSAA again which was held Monday in Blenheim.

β€œIf I get out and execute my game, hopefully I can hit some greens and make some putts,” said Harrison prior to playing the course.

This past summer he was on the Jamieson Junior Tour where he gained a lot of experience and worked on his short game that he says is the best part of his game.

β€œI played alright. I had some inconsistent rounds but overall it went fairly well,” he said.

Friesen is fairly new to the sport, as he has been golfing for about four years. He regularly shoots at Orchard View where he says straight drives and chipping are his strong points so far.

β€œI am used to that course. The greens are a little slower than here but they are rolling nice here today,” he said.

In Kingsville Friesen shot a 91 while Amicarelli, who is also the starting quarterback for the senior football team, had a 90.​