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School Climate Survey

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School Climate Survey Highlights

The purpose of the school climate survey is to strengthen our system and our individual schools by celebrating our strengths, acknowledging our weaknesses and planning the next steps to ensure positive learning working environments for everyone.


Data for the student and parent surveys conducted in the Winter of 2017 indicates that:

  • The vast majority of respondents (both students and parents) feel welcome in our school
  • The vast majority of students feel that there is at least one adult that they can talk to at home or at school
  • The majority of our intermediate students (grade 7 & 8) see there connection to our feeder secondary school, Herman Academy, as being strong.
  • The majority of our junior students (grade 4 – 6) reported between 1 – 5 hours of physical activity per day.
  • All parents who completed the survey find the school clean and attractive and feel welcome to attend School Council meetings
  • The majority of parents and volunteers feel welcome in the community
  • The majority of staff reported that communication with families is good


The survey results demonstrate a need to review that:

  • Some of our students do not feel safe going to the washroom
  • Some of our students reported that they've experienced  bullying, especially verbal
  • Some of our students reported that they haven't learned about the experiences/achievements of people of diverse backgrounds (gender and sexual orientation; races, cultures and skin colours, etc.)


As a result of our school climate survey we will:

  • Review our school pledge thoroughly with students – our expectations for all students – and use specific lessons and examples for how we are to treat each other and work together while at school.  Our goal is to reduce bullying in our building, specifically verbal and social.
  • Communicate to students to continue to report issues that occur in the washrooms so that adults can help deal with them immediately.

Please note: A full listing of results is available upon request.  Thank you.