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General Amherst High School
OYAP-Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program

Precision Machining

An application, pre-test and interview are required.

Students 15 to 19 years old who have completed 16 credits including Gr. 10 Math and English are eligible for the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program in Precision Metal Trades at General Amherst High School. Students will be both full-time students and full-time employees.
The school portion is tailored to reflect a specific skilled trade. At the same time the student receives a strong academic base and meets all the requirements for an Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Information packages are available in the Guidance Office or by contacting the co-op teacher or on line at

PROGRAM OUTLINE Over a 2 year period beginning in Grade 11, students attend school 50% of the time and work as apprentices in industry for 50% of the time and work during the summers. The OYAP program is built on college level programs and it is expected that OYAP students will join the workforce upon completion of the program. Students wishing to keep University and college options open may require a higher level of study in English and/or Mathematics and are advised to contact a counselor before beginning the OYAP program.

Grade 9 & 10 - 16 credits required, including compulsory credits at the Academic or Applied Level. Gr. 10 Manufacturing is recommended.


Grade 11 College level Math MBF3CY MBF3C2 2 credit Co-op
Grade 11 College level Manuf. TMJ3CY TMJ3C2 credit Co-op
Grade 11 College level English ENG3CY


Grade 12 College level Math. MAP4CY MAP4C2 2 credit Co-op
Grade 12 College level Manuf. TMJ4CY TMJ4C2 2 credit Co-op
Grade 12 College level English ENG4CY
Grade 11 Univ./Coll.Tech Design TDJ3MY