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General Amherst High School
Staff List

Teaching Staff (2019/2020 School Year)

Ms. M. DeBruyne - Principal
Ms. B. DesJardins - Vice Principal
Ms. C. Tulett (Head) - Guidance Counsellor M-Z
Mrs. K. Coulson - Guidance Counsellor A-L
Mrs. S. Zillich - C.Y.W.
Ms. N. Maxey - Student Success
Mr. R. Levesque - Co-operative Education
Ms. J. Harte - Librarian

Mr. D. Campana (Head) - Business Studies
Mrs. A. Campbell - Business Studies/Computer Science/Dance
Mrs. B. Morphet - Business Studies
Ms. J. Sinnaeve - Civics/Careers (2nd semester)
Canadian/World Studies
Ms. S. Melcher (Head) - History/English
Mr. M. Balogh - History and Law
Ms. R. Savic - Geography
Mr. J. McLean - Geography / Law / Travel & Tourism
Mr. M. Digou (Head) - English
Ms. R. Duby - English
Ms. I. Mihajli - English/Art
​​Mr. S. Scott - Drama/English
Languages (French, Music, Arts, Drama, Dance & Vocal)
Mrs. J. Balogh - French / Civics & Career
Mrs. P. Hommel - French
​ Mr. S. Scott - Drama
Mr. R. Lefrancois - Music / Vocals / Civics & Careers
Mrs. N. Rusenstrom (Interim Head) - Mathematics
​Mrs. J. Mallet - Mathematics
Mrs. N. Newhook - Mathematics
Mr. B. Pelger - Mathematics/Tech Design
Mr. S. Tocco - Mathematics
Health and Physical Education
Mrs. L. Voakes (Interim Head) - Physical Education/Science
Mr. C. Lohnes - Physical Education
Mr. J. Miller - Physical Education

Mr. J. Larson (Head) - Science / Biology
Mrs. S. Donoso - Science / ​Physics
Mr. K. Gale - Science / Chemistry
Mrs. S. Heber - Science 
Mrs. L. Voakes - Physical Education / Science
Social Sciences and Humanities
Ms. S. Ligori (Head) - Social Science and Humanities
Mr. E. Campbell - Social Science
Technical Studies
Mr. G. Holden (Interim Head)  - Manufacturing Technology
Mr. D. Anderson - Transportation Technology
Mr. B. Pelger - Tech Design/Mathematics
Office Staff
Mrs. S. Holden - Head Secretary
Mrs. D. Nemeth - Attendance Secretary
Mrs. T. Kimball - Guidance Secretary​
Mr. R. Harris - Lunch  Aid
Janitorial Staff
Mr. D. Amyotte - Custodian
Mr. P. Bondy - Custodian
​Mr. J. Craig - Custodian (Day)
Mr. R. Elliot - Custodian
Mr. M. Prince - Custodian