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General Amherst High School
Peer Mentors

Who are the peer mentors?

This is a program in which students are helping students. Students with strong social, academic or leadership skills apply to the program and are chosen based on their strengths.

Where Do I Find Peer Mentors?

The peer mentors meet in the library or the peer mentors room (located in the library).



 Teacher Representatives
Mrs. Coulson​

What do peer mentors do?

FREE tutoring and mentoring in the library every day at lunchtime.

Peer mentors post their profile and photo on the Peer Mentor profile board. Students in need then use this board to pair up with a peer mentor who can help them. Each Peer Mentor is signed up for 2 shifts a month a calendar, so students can easily make lunch appointments for help




Additional Workshops/Training

Transitional Activities:
Grade 7 Visits - Pathways to Success Leader
Grade 8 Visits - Shoebox activity
Grade 8 Shadow Day Leaders
Grade 8 Tech day Leaders
Grade 9 Orientation Leaders
First Day Hallway Mentoring
Grade 9 Welcome BBQ Leaders
Club Fair Leaders
Peer Mentors Pair Ups
Leaders of Exam/Study Tips Workshops
Additional Workshops:
Communication Workshops Attendees
Mental Health Youth Summit Workshop Certification
Gesstwood Leadership Ropes Course Attendees