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General Amherst High School

​​​​These are the current teams offered at General Amherst and our in-school contacts:

Junior and Senior Boys Football (Mr. G. Scott)           Senior Girls Basketball (Mr. G. Scott, Mrs. Rusenstrom)

Junior Boys Volleyball (Mr. Lohnes)                             Junior Girls Basketball (Mr. G. Scott)

Senior Boys Volleyball (Mr. Lohnes)                            Cross Country (Mr. M. Balogh)

Tennis  (Ms. Maxey/Ms. Melcher)                                 Golf (Mr.  Garrett)

Junior Boys Basketball (Mr. Pelger​)                              Senior Boys Basketball (Mr. Pelger)

Junior Girls Volleyball (Mr. Miller)                                Senior Girls Volleyball (Mr. Miller)

Wrestling  (Mr.  Levesque)                                             Dance Team (Mrs. A. Campbell)

Gymnastics (Mrs. Voakes)                                             Curling (Mrs. Klym-Skeates)

Girls Hockey (Mrs. N. Rusenstrom, Mrs. K. Coulson)   Boys Hockey (Mr. P. Garrett)

Boys Soccer (Mrs. Craig-Wammes, Mrs. Soucie)         Girls Soccer  (Mr. E. Campbell)

Junior Badminton (Mr. Lohnes)                                     Senior Badminton (Mrs. Klym-Skeates)

Track and Field (Mr. G. Scott, Mr. M.  Balogh, Mrs. Duby)           

 Girls Slo-Pitch (Ms. Maxey)                                           Boys Baseball (Mr. Gale)

* If you would like information about any of the above teams, you may email or phone our in-school contact person or you may also contact the head of Physical Education and Athletics Mr. Greg Scott.

Parents and athletes are encouraged to frequently check schedules and results at​