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General Amherst High School
Dress Code Policy

Students at General Amherst High School are expected to take pride in their appearance by dressing cleanly, neatly and appropriately.  In general, all clothing worn to school must be conducive to an academic environment. Clothing or accessories containing inappropriate or objectionable pictures and/or words such as references to alcohol, drugs, profanity, obscene language, statements promoting violence, racism or illegal behaviour, sex (including words or phrases with double meaning), or gender-offensive language are not acceptable.

​Specific dress requirements for technical classes, physical education classes and co-operative education will be outlined by your teacher.  For health and safety reasons, shoes must be worn at all times. Sandals are not permitted in the technical shops and technical class rooms.   

This dress code policy must be adhered to at all times including during field trips, exams, sporting events and excursions to other school events.  In all cases, any dispute regarding what is or is not appropriate, will be decided by school administration. Students may be required to change any improper clothing at school, or if necessary, be sent home to change.