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General Amherst High School
Extra - Currucular Activity Policy

The Greater Essex County District School Board values the important role that extra-curricular activities play in the development of our students.  Activities provided by our schools are meant to complement and enhance the academic program so that all students have an opportunity to enjoy a well-rounded educational experience.  Extra-curricular programs are a privilege for students to enrich their school lives.

Students who wish to participate in extra-curricular activities are subject to the expectations and standards outlined in the new Greater Essex County District School Board policy and that of any policies, expectations and standards found within the governing sport bodies: WOAA, WECSSAA, SWOSSAA and OFSAA.  The criteria for eligibility in extra-curricular activities include the following three areas:


Although there is not a set average to determine eligibility, it is expected that all student participants strive towards academic success.  School administration will review the eligibility of any student failing one or more courses.  IPRC and SECC students may be exempted by the Principal.  Reviews will be held prior to major sports season and will be based on the last full report.  Interim progress reports may also be used to determine eligibility.  For all fall activities, the previous year’s results will be used.  In the event that a student was successful at summer school in a course failed during the previous academic year, that course will no longer be considered a failed course.   Elementary marks will not determine a student’s first eligibility in high school.


Student participants must be in good standing (ie. behaviour and deportment etc.) at the school as outlined in the pages of the school’s current student handbook.


Student participants are required to attend all classes and arrive to class on time.  Unacceptable attendance patterns and lack of punctuality may cause a student to be deemed ineligible.  Excessive absences and/or unexcused absences will not be tolerated.  Student participants must attend school for the full day on game days in order to play. 

Based on the criteria outlined above, school administration will declare a student eligible or ineligible.

a) Eligible – The student has met all three criteria and is therefore eligible to participate in all organized extra-curricular activities or events.  If the student fails to maintain any one of the three eligibility criteria during the term, the student will be immediately declared ineligible.

b) Ineligible – The student has not met one or more of the criteria and is unable to participate in any extra-curricular activities during the present term.  Should the student improve and meet all three criteria, the student may be declared eligible pending a written appeal to the Principal.

Appeal Process: 

Students who have been declared ineligible due to extenuating circumstances may appeal their eligibility in writing to the Principal.  Once the appeal is received it will be reviewed by school administration and a final decision will be made.  Students may be deemed to remain ineligible or eligible for participation in the extra-curricular activity.