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General Amherst High School
Student Parliament
Wishing you much success and prosperity in the 2017-18 school year.  We are looking forward to serving you, the student body, and making your year as memorable as possible.  Together, we can make this year the best school year yet! 

General Amherst High School

Student Council 2017-18

Prime MinisterLinden Crain
Deputy Prime MinisterTate Levesque
Junior Prime MinisterEthan Richard
Junior Deputy Prime MinisterCassidy Zelle
Council AdministratorAbbey Gibb
Minister of AthleticsCole Zelle
Minister of ArtsCelina Varacalli
Minister of External AffairsMiya Taylor
Minister of FinanceBen Orchard
Minister of Internal AffairsHallee Kejick
Minister of MarketingJulia Renaud
Tech Team LiaisonAdam Tronchin
Parent Council LiaisonMike Thompson
GSA RepresentativeTBD
Grade 10 RepresentativesAdam Orchard, Joey Matlock, Lily Monforton, Bailey Griggs, Olivia Chambers, Ashleigh Coulson, Grace Northrup, James Abson, Abby Orchard
Grade 11 RepresentativesJordan Wingerden
Grade 12 RepresentativesJosh Nanson, Jenna Fiala, Cole Zelle, Jackson Newman, Spencer Wear