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General Amherst High School
Student Services

Our Guidance Counselors are ready to assist students with individual counseling regarding effective study habits, course selection, timetable concerns, accumulated credits and graduation requirements.  Information related to Colleges and Universities, scholarships, awards and bursaries as well as career exploration activities are also available to students.  Our guidance counselors are also available to help students understand and deal with personal issues.  Referrals to our school social worker, psychologist or Learning Support Teacher as well as community support groups and agencies are made through our guidance counselors. 

Our Learning Support Teacher (LST) assists students who have been identified by either the Special Education Conference Committee (SECC) or by an IPRC (Identification, Placement and Review Committee) who require additional educational supports.  Contact may be initiated by the LST or the student but it is the responsibility of the student to access the Learning Support Teacher for assistance as needed.  The LST also develops the Individual Education Plan (IEP) for IPRC students to ensure their needs are being met through accommodations to their academic program.

Our Student Success Teacher (SST) works in conjunction with school administration, Learning Support Teacher, guidance counselors, teaching staff and other support staff, in the development of a school culture that is supportive of all adolescent learners and the program pathways they want to pursue.  Our Student Success Teacher will develop and implement the necessary school and Family of Schools based strategies and mechanisms through which all students will have the opportunity to experience a successful outcome in education.