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General Amherst High School
School Handbook

Welcome to the Online Handbook

Please use the links on the left of the page to navigate the handbook. Below you will find the general rules and expectations for our school.

General Amherst High School
Classroom Rules
1. I come to class prepared with all my materials (notebook, textbook, pen, pencil, calculator, etc.).
2. I will be in my seat when the bell rings at the start and end of class.
3. When the bell rings, I will be in my seat. Otherwise, I am late.
4. I will listen when my teacher, classmate, any staff member, part-time school aide, supply teacher or guest is speaking.
5. I will wait my turn to speak without interupting others.
6. I will stay on task without disturbing or distracting others.
7. I will positively participate in class and complete all assignments to the best of my ability.
School Rules
1. We will be courteous, respectful, and considerate at all times of other people’s differences, opinions and cultures.
2. We will respect all property.
3. We will follow the dress code.
4. There will be no food, drinks and audio devices etc. in the
classrooms, and library except for bottled water. Food is not permitted in the hallways. Please be conscious of litter. Cell phones and audio devices should only be used in accordance with the appropriate policy.
5. Students are not to wear head coverings except religious head
coverings in the school.
6. We will speak appropriately. (No yelling, swearing, etc.)
7. We will stop and listen when a staff member speaks to us.
8. We will not use ‘put downs’, negative comments, harass or bully others.
9. We walk in the classrooms and hallways. There will be no
horseplay, pushing, shoving, running, play fighting, throwing things or yelling in the classrooms, hallways or on the school grounds.
10. No public displays of affection.
11. Absolutely no weapons / immitation weapons, illegal/restricted drugs or alcohol allowed in school or at school activities. No smoking is permitted on school property.
12. We will abide by rules which may be established during the year which will help to maintain a positive learning environment.