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Harrow Public School’s EQAO results are, overall, very positive this year.  The Grade 6 students are at, or above, the Board and Provincial levels in Reading and Writing, at74% and 69% respectively, while our school fell below the Board and Province in Mathematics to 5%. The Grade 3 students showed stable results in reading, and a slight decrease in writing, showing 64% and 61% respectively. In mathematics, the grade 3’s increased our scores over last year by 10% meeting or exceeding provincial standards.  

Our current Grade 7’s did not write the EQAO assessment in Grade 3, so there is no cohort data to share this year. Generally, we are able to track student scores from grades 3, 6 and eventually when they get to grade 9. Provincial goals aim at 75% of students reaching Level 3 or 4 by grade 6, and our results give us focus for our direction school-wide, and in fact, provincially. EQAO results provide important information about student achievement in all grades and this information/data assists teachers and administrators in making important instructional decisions. 


Next Steps 

Great things are happening at HPS! We are fortunate to have several GECDSB initiatives to support student instruction at Harrow PS. Math Coaches will participate in Learning Cycles with staff and students from October to January, and these sessions will impact instructional practices for staff in Math. A professional learning community of teacher are participating in a Virtual Math Summit, meeting monthly to review instructional videos for math and discussing best practice, innovative strategies and different models that support the variety of ways children view math. Our school community has identified Mathematics as our focus for School Improvement, specifically in the area of MeasurementAs a staff, we are initiating Measurement Mondays, where the staff will consistently link measurement into their lessons, increasing student’s ability to retain and relate concepts taught.  

 Also, Parent Council Chair Mrs. Vigneux, together with the school, has submitted a grant proposal for a Mathematics family night with a focus on Measurement and its relationship to the workplace. This will be coming to HPS in winter 2019 

In addition to performance scores, our results also include student attitudes towards reading, writing and math. Over 80% of our 3’s and 6’s indicate that they are good readers and that they do their best in all reading and writing activities. In mathematics, both grade 3 and 6 students selected “sometimes” or “most of the time” when responding to the statement “I do my best when I do mathematics activities in class”, with 0% of students indicating they “never” do their best. Our Growth Mindset initiative around making mistakes and seeing mistakes as opportunities to learn continues to be a topic of discussion daily in our classrooms, as we strive to promote students to take risks in their learning.  These initiatives are key to the success of Harrow Public School students. ​