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Parent FAQs

I don’t speak French. Should I still send my child to a French Immersion program?

Yes! You are affording your child a special opportunity that will open more doors in life. If they continue with French in high school and beyond, they will have a competitive edge in their career. Studies also show that kids who learn a second language achieve better in other areas, including Math and Science!

I’m worried that I will not be able to help my child with their homework. Are there supports for this?

The vast majority of our families do not have a French speaking parent. Everyone works hard to help their children to the best of their abilities, and if you have questions or concerns, you can always reach out to your child’s teacher for support and guidance. There are also support options in the community, such as French tutoring and city library homework programs.

Do you have before and after school child care?

Yes, we have The Toybox childcare onsite before and after school. If you are interested, please contact them at 519-966-2727 for more information and to register your child.

Will my child be able to take the bus to school? 

Your child may qualify for bus transportation. Please visit to verify your home address and fill out the necessary paperwork.

My child’s sibling is currently enrolled in your Kindergarten program. Can I request that they be placed in the same class, or a different class?

We do take placement requests into consideration, however, it may not always be possible to honour them. Please connect with our principal, Mme Cowan, to see if this may be at all possible.

I’m worried about my child being in the same building as high school students. How does it work?

Special considerations were taken when constructing the new WF Herman Academy. Locking doors are placed at every entrance between the respective Elementary and Secondary areas. Our gymnasium is located on the secondary side. Teachers walk the children to and from their physical education classes. Our secondary counterparts are, and have always been, very respective and kind to the younger students in the building.

My child still isn’t quite independent with toileting. Will someone be able to help him/her?

Teachers and staff in general are not able to help students with everyday toileting (e.g., wiping). If a student has a medically diagnosed condition that prevents them from toileting independently, supports can be accessed.