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W.F. Herman Academy - Secondary
Pathway -- Apprenticeship
Apprenticeship         Access this link to Employment Ontario. This site provides information on the following:
·        What is apprenticeship
·        Pathways to apprenticeship
·        How apprenticeship works
·        Trade certification
·        Finding employers
·        Financial Assistance
·        Advice
Apprentice Search    Access this link to find information about the trades
a)      Sectors: construction, industrial, motive power and service
b)      To register as an apprentice, employer or community agency.
OYAP                      Access this link to find information on the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program(s) that the Greater Essex District County School Board offers.
                                    The following apprenticeship programs are available:
​School​Focus Program
​                                                                                ​
​                              Western                                                                        Autobody                                                  ​

                                   Leamington District Secondary School

                                  Western Secondary School                   

                                  Westview Freedom Academy              

                         Cook                                                          ​

                             Belle River District Secondary School​

                            General Amherst High School            

                           W.F. Herman Academy - Secondary  

                            Sandwich Secondary  School              

                         Precision Metal Trades                            ​
                             Western Secondary School                                          Baker                                                         ​