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W.F. Herman Academy - Secondary
Herman's 2nd Annual Sock Walk

Herman's 2nd Annual Sock Walk

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This year Mr. Loebach’s Grade 11 Leadership class continued the tradition started last year and hosted their 2nd annual “Sock Walk”. This event was inspired by the work of Sarah Lewis, a grade 9 student at Massey Secondary School. She has been collecting socks for the homeless since she was 7 years old and started her own campaign called “Socks Warm Your Heart” and has collected over 8,000 pairs of socks over the past 5 years. Sarah’s heartfelt initiative lead to the Leadership class wanting to do what they could to help support this very worthy cause. All throughout the week of December 10th – December 17th Herman staff and students were encouraged to do their part for the community and donate either $2 or as many pairs of socks as they could. Mr. Loebach’s class set the goal this year to double last year’s campaign of 400 socks to 800 socks, a fitting number as it would represent 1 pair of socks per person at Herman. The Griffins never ceased to amaze once again as they came together with their generous spirit and rounded up an incredible 925 pairs of socks to donate to Sarah’s campaign. Those who donated were able to participate in the 2.5 km walk around the neighborhood followed by some hot chocolate as well as a brownie. To cap off the event, students listened to a very grateful Sarah explain her passion to help the homeless and those in need in the City of Windsor. A special thank you goes out to thank all the Herman staff and students for their generosity as they enter into the holiday season.​