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W.F. Herman Academy - Secondary
Herman Students Plant Trees for a Brighter Future

Herman Students Plant Trees for a Brighter Future

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The students of “Committing to Achieve” and “Project Change” at  W.F. Herman Secondary School took part in tree planting at Wheatley Provincial Park. The head teachers of the program (R. Culver, S. Adjetey, H. Malmberg)  teamed up with Mr. Ryan Culver (Director of Sales and Marketing at B.F.I/Progressive Waste Solutions) to create an annual event to provide trees for our future generations by repopulating the trees at the Provincial Park.
Students in the program were asked to create an “Action Plan” whereby they commit to 4 fundamental aspects. These components are 1) To accumulate lost credits 2) To fully participate in all activities taking place during programming 3) To give back to the community through volunteer experiences 4) To contribute to a safe school environment through activities to raise awareness about teen issues. This tree planting opportunity served as a way to contribute to helping the environment by volunteering their time to give back to the community through tree planting.
The first annual event took place on Tuesday, May 6, 2014 at Wheatley Provincial Park. Students also learned about the importance of trees in our environment and took part in a park clean up initiative. Students were then teamed up in a scavenger hunt to explore the beauty that nature had to offer.