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W.F. Herman Academy - Secondary
Project-Based Learning (PBL)

W.F. Herman Students Embrace Project-Based Learning (PBL)


Project-based learning is a teaching method in which students acquire knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to a complex issue, problem or challenge that results in a product, publication or shared presentation with a public hearing.

The following are the success stories of this new method of learning completed in both English and French.

Group 1

Grace Charron, Stephanie Wright, Naiya Templer-Teran, and Brookelyn Urban raised over $1100 through a variety of fundraisers in order to purchase bus tickets for students at Herman in need. Because of their work, five bus tickets a day have been distributed to their peers.

Mr. Racine and Mrs Mousseau, who distribute these tickets, had this to say about the girls. "The project base experience engage students to help students, it also encouraged other students to follow suit and learn the skill of empathy and compassion. I have never seen in 24 years at Herman students step up so eagerly to make sure other students could get to school."​


Groupe 2

Ruben Kralik, Jessie MacDonald, Andrew Wilson and Mohammad Sobh decided they wanted to create a memory for all the Grade 12 class graduating this year that will be presented on graduation night. They had the difficult task of gathering permission forms, organizing pictures since Grade 9 and putting everything together in a manageable timed video.


"It's wonderful to see students take on a project with purpose and enthusiasm.  Jessie, Ruben, Moe, and Andrew set a goal, collaborated with students and staff, problem solved to produce an exceptional product. They not only worked through difficulties they encountered, their experiences affected their classmates and school community by creating a graduation video that will surely be remembered long after graduation.  Bravo mes amis!" Mrs Piskovic


Group 3

Enny Dawodu, Linda McLean, Syiera Stuart and Lauryn Wade collected donated necessities such as deodorant, sanitary napkins, slippers, etc. for victims of violence at the Hiatus House. As well, they prepared, presented and educated their peers on how to avoid a violent relationship, the signs and where to go for help.

Erika Broadbent from the Hiatus House was very impressed by the group. "All 4 students did such a great job presenting real life scenarios and statistics. I think it takes a lot for young women to present in front of their peers about a topic such as woman abuse as it is something that many people are not comfortable speaking about. If there is ever anything that we can do to assist your class in the future we are more than happy to help! 
In addition, if you can let the group Enny, Linda, Lauryn and Syiera know that their donations made a GREAT impact for all of the women here right now! Everything was amazing, but a highlight was the housecoats! We have not had housecoats in years and the women that were given them were over the moon! 

Thank you again for everything!"
Erika Broadbent

Hiatus House

pic 2a.jpgpic 2b.jpg 

Group 4

Justin Canty, Zen Naseem, Cody Reeve, Connor Tape and Mason Clare took on the problem of reoccurring lates by proposing that our school change the start and end times as well as educate our student body on the importance of good sleep patterns. The group even had the opportunity to have a meeting with Superintendent Sharon Pyke on the subject and then presented their findings to Mr. Novelletto Herman's principal.

"I was really impressed with the students that completed their Project Based Learning on the topic of 'Changing the Start/End Time of the School Day'.  Zen, Justin and Connor did a wonderful job of showing the connection between teen sleep patterns and student performance in school.  The topic was well researched with both qualitative and quantitative data to present their point of view.  I was equally impressed with the fact that they were able to reach out to Dr. Sharon Pyke, Superintendent of Education and other schools within the Greater Essex County District School Board.  Overall, their presentation was articulated and presented in a professional and convincing manner.  Well done and congratulations to you and your students!"

 Mr. Novelletto


"My Grade 9's were very receptive to Cody and Mason's presentation about the importance of sleep. It was obvious ample research had been done. Students may not always listen to the teacher, but they will listen to older students. Project- based learning is very worthwhile."

Mrs. Lauzon

pic 4a.jpgpic 4b.jpg

Groupe 5

Hannah Rae McCourtie and Chelsea McIntyre decided to educate the Grade 9 classes who where writing exams for the first time on how to prepare and what to expect. They presented to several classes on this subject and included some of their own experiences over the years.

"I was fortunate enough to have two students from Mme. White's French class to come speak to my grade 9 French class about how to prepare for exams.  The two students, Chelsea and Hannah, were very prepared for the presentation.  They spoke clearly and gave very good advice.  They spoke "to" the students and not "at" them, using a friendly tone and at times making light jokes.  I was very impressed with everything about the presentation, as were my students.  I would love to have them back again.  Well done and what a success for the Project Based learning."

Meaghan Minello


W.F. Herman Academy

Groupe 6

Amanda Lebrun and Mackenzie Goulard wanted to find out why French Immersion students left the program and then try to encourage those still in the program to continue through to Grade 12. They created a video and then presented it to the Grade 9 and 10 immersion classes.

 pic 6.png

"Great Things Are Happening Here!"