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W.F. Herman Academy - Secondary
News Item

Safety in our School Community

May 23, 2018

Windsor Police Services logo.jpgMunicipal and regional police forces are important and respected partners of the GECDSB in our combined effort to keep everyone safe at school.

We act on their advice when there are incidents in the community which could possibly impact the safety and well-being of students and staff. This could be a recommendation to place a school or schools in Hold and Secure or Lockdown status, depending on the circumstances.

On May 23rd, your school was placed into a hold and secure as a precautionary measure.  This means that inside the school it was business as usual.  However, no one was allowed to enter or leave the building until this community situation was resolved.  

We always encourage students to tell an adult when something occurs that makes them feel uncomfortable or not safe. Thank you for continuing to support your child(ren) in telling them to speak to adults. 

We appreciate everyone’s support in keeping our schools safe places to learn and work.