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Meet Hetherington's New Vice-Principal!

October 28, 2021


Q & A With Our New Vice Principal


Just a few short months ago, he was teaching Grade 8 at Parkview Elementary School. Now Mr. Crestan is Hetherington’s new Vice Principal. We are glad to have him! Coleton and Zoe from Grade 8 sat down with Mr. Crestan to see if they could get to know him better.

Coleton and Zoe: How do you like the environment here at Hetherington?


Mr. Crestan: In my short time here, I’ve found Hetherington staff and students to be very welcoming and friendly


Coleton and Zoe: What are some of your responsibilities as Vice Principal?Mr. Crestan: I have quite a few responsibilities here – like teaching in the primary division and in the GAINS room as well as working with Mrs. Iatzko to keep everything running smoothly and safely for everyone. This includes making sure we have enough hand-sanitizer, masks, classroom sign-out sheets. I’ve also been working on the supervision schedule and meeting students out on the playground and in the school.


Coleton and Zoe: What do you think makes a good learning environment?


Mr. Crestan: A good learning environment is one where there are caring people helping students learn about respect for others and for themselves. One where students feel safe and understand that it’s ok to make mistakes and ask questions. We are all here to learn something every day.


Coleton and Zoe: What is your favourite part of being Vice Principal?

Mr. Crestan: So far my favourite part of being a Vice Principal has been meeting all the students and staff and getting to know everyone. It’s busy and there’s lots to learn but it’s really quite fun and exciting, too.


Coleton and Zoe: What are some of the big steps you would like Hetherington to take?Mr. Crestan: I would like Hetherington to continue being a welcoming and friendly community for everyone.


Coleton and Zoe: What are some of your expectations when it comes to student behavior at Hetherington?


Mr. Crestan: I am a big believer in respect. Respect for yourself and respect for others. You get back what you give out, so try to make it positive. If you make a mistake, own it and do better next time.


Coleton and Zoe: To make our school the best we can, what journey do we have to take?


Mr. Crestan: See the previous answer – for real. And, look at the world around you from someone else’s perspective. What can you do to make someone else’s life richer?


Coleton and Zoe: Anything else you’d like to share about yourself?

Mr. Crestan: I love Marvel movies and I’m a Star Wars nerd. I love cooking, painting and drawing, plus building all kinds of things. I used to design and build houses! Most important of all: my fam is my jam, along with volleyball and running.