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School History and Tradition

About Our School...

Jack Miner Public School is located at 79 County Road 3 East, about four kilometres north of the town of Kingsville. The school is within walking distance of Jack Miner Bird Sanctuary and a few kilometres west of Colasanti's Tropical Greenhouses.

The original school was built in 1956 and was named Gosfield South Area Public School. This small school had additions in 1957, 1962, and 1964. In 1968, the name of the school was changed to Jack Miner Public School. A large addition was completed in 1972. An Open Concept class area, a library, a double gymnasium, an Industrial Arts room and a Home Economics room were added to the school.
The school serves about 410 students with the capacity to teach up to 600 pupils. There are vocal music and instrumental music programs plus an Africa drumming instruction. There is also a variety of extra curricular activities in which the students participate.
The school partners with the Jack Miner Bird Sanctuary where the grade 8 students participate in the bird banding.
The School Council is an active and supportive group. The Council meets regularly to discuss topics of interest, to be informed, to provide input and to assist in school activities and programs.

The teaching staff is committed to providing learning opportunities for students so that they may reach their potential. Student achievement is a top priority with attention to the whole child. Students need to be equipped with the skills to prepare them for life in the twenty first century. Jack Miner has a hard working staff who continue to pursue their own professional development.

At Jack Miner School, 

We Believe...  

* We create a physically and emotionally safe environment for our students and staff.
* We promote respect for ourselves, others, and the environment through our programs and by modelling that behaviour in the school.
* Our goal is to develop the whole child through a balanced curriculum that includes quality physical education and the arts.
* We prepare our students to be responsible citizens of our local community and the world.
* We promote good behaviour by recognizing students for their accomplishments.
* Students learn best when their teachers, parents and school community work together.