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Allergy Alert


Dear Parents and Guardians:


There are numerous children in our school that have extreme allergies to nuts and peanuts.  This includes any food that has peanuts, peanut oil or peanut flour in it.  The allergies of these children are so severe that it could be life threatening; they may have a reaction if any item containing nuts is even in their proximity but specifically from ingestion. They all have an EPI Pen!


We felt that all parents would like to be aware that there are children in our school with severe life-threatening food allergies. Anaphylactic shock is a medical condition that causes a severe reaction to specific foods and can result in death within minutes, if these children eat, touch or smell even tiny amounts of nuts and/or peanuts, they have a very strong reaction. Their faces may swell and break out in hives. Their throats swell and tighten. They could die within minutes.


Although this may or may not affect your child's class directly, we want to inform you so that you may choose to send foods to school with your child that are free from peanuts and/or nut products.  We realize that this request poses an inconvenience for you when packing your child's snacks and lunch.  However, we wish to express sincere appreciation for your support and understanding of this potentially life threatening allergy.  There is more information on the internet about this condition and useful websites and alternatives to peanut-butter.


All our staff has been made aware of this situation and are instructed annually for the correct procedures regarding anaphylactic shock.


PREVENTION, of course, is the best approach and therefore, we are requesting your cooperation in refraining from sending these food products to school with your child. Due to the severe life threatening allergy we are asking that you be mindful of this when packing your child's lunch and discourage any class wide treat deliveries.  If your child does bring any form of peanuts into the classroom we will arrange for him or her to eat at an alternate location.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Mr. Huggard


Peanut Butter-less Lunches.pdfPeanut Butter-less Lunches.pdf