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Family Handbook


Dear Parents/Guardians,
Please review the school handbook that is posted. The first section of the handbook contains our school dress code and student code of conduct. These will apply at all times while:
·         In the school
·         On the playground
·         On educational and sportive events/trips
·         On the school bus
The success of the student depends on the collaborative effort of all!
ü  We create a physically and emotionally safe environment for our students and staff.
ü  We promote respect for ourselves, others and the environment through our programs by modeling that behaviour.
ü  Our goal is to develop the whole child through a balances curriculum that includes quality physical education and the arts.
ü  We prepare our students to be responsible citizens of our local community and the world.
ü  We promote good behaviour by recognizing students for their accomplishments.
ü  Students learn best when their teachers, parents, and school community work together.
Please review the school rules and codes with your child.