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School Council
​Council Connection 2020~ 2021
Dear Parents/Guardians:
Every school in Ontario has a school council in order to ensure that the views and opinions of the school community are considered in making decisions about a wide variety of school functions and activities. The school council acts in an advisory capacity to the principal.

The school council minimum membership will be six (6) parents/guardians, one (1) teacher, one (1) non-teaching staff member, one (1) community representative, one (1) student (optional in the elementary schools) and the principal (with parents/guardians as a majority). The parent/guardian representatives will be elected by parents/guardians of students in the school.
School council members are people of good will who have a special commitment to their local school. They bring commitment, enthusiasm, desire to make a difference, readiness to work with others and a need to contribute in a meaningful way.
You may be interested in being a member of the school council or perhaps you know of someone who has shown a willingness to volunteer and work in the best interest of our school and its students. If so, contact them and encourage them to get involved.
The School Council elections meeting will be held virtually using Teams.  The date of the first meeting will be determined shortly.