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Hon. W. C. Kennedy Collegiate Institute
Taken from the Official Opening Brochure on Wednesday, October 9th, 1929

"The Honourable W. C. Kennedy Collegiate was opened on September 3rd, 1929, with an enrollment of 640 pupils and a staff of 20 teachers.  The classrooms are all of standard size, each room providing seating accommodation for 39 pupils.  The rotary system is in vogue in this school - the classes moving from room to room at the end of each 40 minute period.  There are 8 such periods in the school day.

The Science Laboratories provide a special feature of this school.  All four laboratories are larger than the standard size and all are equipped with adjustable chairs or stools.  This enables them to be used as classrooms when occasion demands.  Both the Chemistry and Physics Laboratories have equipment rooms and lecture rooms adjoining.  The Biology Laboratory has a very fine Conservatory for experimental work.

The Library - the most beautiful room in the school - is used as a study room throughout the day, under the supervision of a teacher.  The large Gymnasium (seating capacity 2200) and the Swimming Pool, together with the fine Stadium and Athletic Field at the rear of the school, will afford athletic advantages unequaled in the Province.  An excellent Cafeteria capable of accommodating 500 students at one time, occupies the third floor.

The Staff is composed of experienced teachers of proven ability.  Practically all are specialists in their various departments.  The personnel of the staff is as follows:

A. G. Hooper, M. A., Principal (Classics)                                                                 Miss Grace Hamilton, B.A., (Physical Culture)
G. S. Campbell, B.A., Vice-Principal (Mathematics)                                              Miss Cora Hewitt, B.A., (English)
Miss S. K. Bristol, B.A., (Moderns)                                                                           Miss Dorothy Hope, B.A. (English)
John Comrie, M.A. (English)                                                                                    Miss May Hutchinson, (English)
Miss Noah Cleary, B.A. (French)                                                                             Miss M. Kirkland, B.A. (Latin)
Hector Crighton, B.A. (Physical Culture)                                                               F. D. Knapp, B.A. (French)
R. R. Deagle, B.A. (Geography)                                                                                Miss L. Lloyd, M.A. (Classics)
W. H. Downey, (Mathematics)                                                                               Miss A. Noonan, M.A. (History)
J. Harold Fox, M.A. (Science)                                                                                  W. M. Ryan, B.A. (Arts)
A. F. S. Gilbert, B.A. (Science)                                                                                  Miss G.  Stewart, B.A. (Mathematics)
                                                                                                                                   Miss C. Vrooman, M.A. (Mathematics)

ARCHITECTS - D. J. Cameron and W. Ralston"