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Our Great Staff

​​​​​​​​​​ Kingsville Public School Staff List 2020-2021

 β€‹Our Early Years Team:

JK-SK French Immersion -Mme Schrade and Mme Menard

JK-SK French Immersion -Mlle Reive 

JK-SK French Immersion -Mme Enns and Mme Campbell

JK-SK English -Mrs Mulligan 

Our Primary Years Team:

1/2 French Immersion -Mme DaSilva

1/2 English- Mrs. Nolin

1 French Immersion -Mlle Molzan

2 French Immersion - Mme Mora

3 French Immersion -Mme R. Campbell  

Our Junior Years Team:

3/4 English- Mr. Augustine

4/5 French Immersion - Mme Tofflemire 

5/6  French Immersion -Mme Geddes

5/6 English - Mrs DelBrocco, Mrs. Simard

Our Intermediate Years Team:

6/7 French Immersion - Mme Wilson

7/8 English- Mr Murray

7/8 French Immersion - Mr Pettypiece


​Our Special Education Team:

Learning Support English and R.I.S.E. -Mrs Burgess

Learning Support French Immersion -Mme Pelletier

GAINS -Mr. Beadow

Our Arts, Languages and Rotary Team:

Core French -Mme. Beaudoin

Librarian -Mrs Del Brocco

Sciene and Physical Education - Mr. Pelland

Music -Mrs. Quick

Our Education Support Staff Team:

Educational Assistant -Miss. Bailey

Educational Assistant -Ms. Ondic

Educational Assistant -Ms Buksa

Educational Assistant - Mrs. McCracken

Developmental Support Worker -Mrs. Long

Developmental Support Worker- Ms. Koop

Child and Youth Worker -Ms. Arner

Our Building Maintenance Team

Custodians:   Mr. Tavares (daytime)

                       Mr. Ambrose (evening)


Our Administrative Team

Secretary: Mrs. Humphries

Clerk:  Mr.  Oriet

Vice-Principal:  Mrs. Peterson

Principal:  Mr. Kapetanov​