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Student and Parent/Guardian Handbook

​Please see the attached Student and Parent/Guardian Handbook on this page. This handbook includes information and guidelines for our school community. 

KPS Student and Parent/Guardian Handbook

Dress Policy

Note: Any clothing or accessory that promotes or symbolizes hate, discrimination, illegal activity, profanity, violence, drugs and alcohol or threatens health and safety is unacceptable.  


  • Headwear is allowed provided it does not cover or block the face (i.e. hats, bandanas, toque, etc. can be worn but hoodies should be pulled down and sunglasses removed when inside the school) 
  • Headwear is to be removed during the National Anthem 


  • Tops must be opaque and cover the nipples and midriff when arms are at a person's side 
  • Underwear should not be visible with the exception of straps 
  • Spaghetti straps are allowed  
  • Tops must have shoulder straps or sleeves i.e. no tube tops 


  • Must be opaque through the hips and thigh area and cover from the hips to the top of the thigh i.e. Groin and Buttocks are to be covered 
  • Underwear should not be visible 


  • Footwear with a solid sole must be worn at all times 
  • For safety reasons, clean running shoes are to be worn in the gym i.e. boots, sandals, dirty shoes, etc. are not allowed for participation in PE class  (this is an OPHEA Safety standard minimum requirement)
  • Flip flops are discouraged; sandals may be worn but footwear with a heel strap is recommended for any type of physical activity (Note: sandals are prohibited for Physical Education activities)

This Dress Policy was developed in consultation with students, Parent Council, staff and administration. Please see the poster below that was created by one of our many talented students! 

dress policy poster.png