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Kingsville Public School - Since 1923
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We are in the heart of downtown Kingsville at 36 Water Street.  We have been serving our community for almost 100 years.  We meet our communities learning needs everyday.  With an exceptional relationship with our surrounding community KPS students and staff look to improve and serve the community in which we live by giving our best and offering our town our service.  Kingsville serves almost 500 students. The facility is shared with the Discovery Daycare. Kingsville is a dual track school offering English and French Immersion programs from Early Years to Grade 8. Our staff includes teachers, caretakers, support staff (EA's, DSW, CYW), noon hour assistants, office assistants and administrative staff.

Student Life

Kingsville has an outstanding team of educators who work closely with students, giving them every opportunity to reach their full potential in academics, the arts and athletics.

Some of our most exciting school activities are our concerts and performances.

All grades have the privilege of experiencing excursions which bring life to learning. In addition to day trips, students in Grade 8 participate in an overnight excursion.

At Kingsville, students are encouraged to take on leadership roles in the school and community such as lunch monitoring, bus patrols, and playground PALS to name a few. Students consistently are provided with leadership opportunities as they contribute to the many activities, events and clubs that are offered.


The integration of technology into teaching and learning is consistent throughout the school. The goal is to improve student achievement by engaging learners, differentiating instruction, and providing innovative teaching practices. Our computer software provides assistive technology (voice to text, word prediction) for students with special needs. Kingsville is wireless, allowing students to access the internet using web-based applications in their classrooms on mobile devices such as chromebooks, iPads, laptops and Smartboards.

Parent and Community Engagement

Our community members are an important component of our school life. We value the partnerships that have been established and continue to work closely to find ways to support our students. We cherish our relationships with our parent council and the First Baptist Church to name a few.

Special Education Programs

Our Special Education Programs provide indirect, in-class, and withdrawal resource support to students, depending upon student need. We have a RISE (Reaching Individual Success & Excellence) Program and for those students who require intensive support, we have a centrally assigned GAINS (Giving Attention to Individual Needs & Strengths) class.

What sets us apart?

Our Character Education team has developed an in depth series focusing on Kindness for the year. The entire school is divided into crews with members from each grade level in a crew. There are unique discussions, role playing opportunities, community connections, videos and whole school collaborative culminating activities to help students develop a deeper understanding of what Kindness looks like and feels like here at Kingsville Public School.​