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Values, Influences and Peers

What is V.I.P.?

V.I.P is an awareness program that benefits grade 6 KPS students by discussing essential personal values and the importance of:

  • Making good decisions.
  • Taking responsibility for their actions.
  • Understanding that any one can be influenced by peer pressure.
  • Self-respect and self-confidence.
  • Respect for others.
  • Becoming responsible citizens in our community.

V.I.P. combines the resources of the local boards of education, the Kingsville OPP Service and various community organizations to teach the students these values.

The V.I.P. Officer and community police liaison is Officer Steve Campbell.  He gives presentations and works with grade 6 students in Kingsville.  


Grade 6 V.I.P. Topics include:

  • Drug Awareness
  • Bullying/Cyber Bullying & Internet Safety
  • Peer Pressure
  • V.I.P Celebration